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R. H.

Working with Yeng Collins Law, PLLC has been so easy and seamless. She helped me review an employment contract. She is very responsive, her team is very kind, she is thorough and takes her time to ensure you understand. I certainly recommend her and her team!


I was referred to Yeng Collins and she was amazing. I had a rather time sensitive legal matter for an employee and she was quick to reply and reviewed all my documents and gave me advice. I am very impressed with her knowledge and understanding of employment law. I would recommend her to other business owners.


Ms. Collins was organized, attentive and knowledgeable throughout the process. Updates were regularly conveyed and my concerns were addressed with care and expediency. Ms. Collins proved to be both professional and personable. I would highly recommend her services.


I recently hired Deb for a case that was extremely infuriating. I was emotionally exhausted and hurt by the events that had taken place.
Deb was never once irritated or aggravated with me. She handled my case in a way that allowed me to keep my dignity and I never once felt as though she didn’t believe my side or that she was rushing me to the finish line. If you are a woman, and are looking for an attorney to handle any type of discrimination Deb and her team are 100% for you! I will always keep this firm in my back pocket in the event I need them!


Worked with Melissa on an extremely frustrating situation for me.  Professional, caring, and supportive, she quickly helped me take a realistic view of the situation and develop a positive approach to the issues.  She made me feel part of the team not strictly a client.  I could not have asked for better representation


Highly recommend. Deb helped me through a difficult situation and gave me the tools and strength to make the changes I needed. She listened to all of my concerns and always made me feel like she truly cared and appreciated me as a client and person. Couldn’t thank her enough for her work and advice!


Deborah did an exceptional job assisting me through a difficult business acquisition and resulting contract negotiations. She was beyond professional, brilliant, quick to respond, and ultimately prevented me from making all of the wrong decisions. Could not recommended more highly!


The Collins law firm was very professional and quick to address my concerns regarding severance. I had clear direction after consultation. This was truly a great experience will use her services again if needed.


Highly recommend her! She always kept me updated on my case, was very patient, empathetic, kind and was very knowledgeable. In the end she ended up winning my case. I will recommend her to anyone!


The process from beginning to end working with Deb was amazing. Her response time was extremely fast, which was crucial for me. She presented me with all the facts and possible outcomes and was extremely helpful to my situation. Highly recommend.


I can’t recommend this firm enough particularly Melissa Hamann. She was a pleasure to work with, very honest and straightforward, but very understanding as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to reaching back out when needing council in the future.


Deb was extremely professional and understanding in my claim. She kept me in the loop throughout the entire process and brought the suit to a successful close.


I am very happy I had Ms. Collins’ support through my case. She was extremely, helpful and dedicated through a difficult process. My numerous concerns and questions were promptly addressed. I am happy to recommend her and will use her again in the future.


Mrs. Collins was awesome! I consulted with her about an employment contract. Employment contracts can be filled with all kinds of confusing terminology. She is so knowledgeable in this area and was able to easily break down the information for me piece by piece. She is only a phone call away if I need her in the future! Thank you! 


From the very beginning Deb was a calming force with the issue that I was confronted with. Never overbearing of any pressure and always left the decision up to me as to how/if I wanted to proceed. Very professional and genuinely felt that she cared. Would definitely use Deb again if necessary.


Having never gone through an employment issue before, it was imperative that I have a strong advocate and thankfully (and luckily) that advocate was Deb Collins. From the initial consultation to our successful conclusion, she guided me through the process with her talent and expertise. Although I knew that she was being pulled in many directions, she was always responsive and 100% supportive, engaged, and completely invested with our time via emails or phone calls. She stays current with the latest in employment law that helps to tailor advice so that together, an informed decision can be made. I want to add that besides her professional abilities, Deb has a great personality which made it very easy to approach her with questions and concerns. I trust her completely.


Yeng Collins Law was a pleasure to work with, especially Deborah Collins. She assisted me with an employment law matter that was a very stressful and delicate situation for me. Although I knew that Ms. Collins had several clients, and is a very busy individual, she always made me feel as though my case was a priority. She conveyed a very understanding yet informative demeanor throughout the entire process, whether it be on the telephone or email. I appreciated her knowledge. She provided me with her opinions and guidance, but never made me feel pressured. She made the entire process as smooth as it could possibly be, considering the circumstance, and I would definitely utilize her services in the future. Yeng Collins Law comes highly recommended!!!


If you are looking for a lawyer that knows the law, is quick on their feet, professional, assertive, and not afraid to go against large entities to bring their clients results, then Ms. Collins is who you should contact without hesitation! I contacted Ms. Collins to seek legal counsel, and from the time I contacted her office for services, to the time my case concluded, she was nothing but professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. She listened to my concerns and worked diligently to come up with solutions that were in my best interest. She offered her honest professional opinion and was thorough in coming up with solutions. She left no stone unturned. I have experienced lawyers in the past, but none that left me with a positive experience as much as Ms. Collins did.


Awesome! Very professional and knowledgeable. Will use this firm again if needed in the future.


Great communication and empathy with my situation. Felt taken care of and the sense of urgency was greatly appreciated.


Fantastic experience with this lawyer. Easy to work with, helpful, and fair pricing.


Deb and Melissa are true professional who always have their client's best interest at heart, no matter what. In addition to being a fellow Navy veteran, Melissa's tremendous attention to detail and dedication to my case has been decisive. If you are in search of the right legal team to support you, and most importantly win, don't look any further and contact Deb! Thanks again ladies for you amazing work!!!


Deb is a fantastic attorney! She is smart, a great communicator, and straightforward. Deb assessed the details of my case, provided me with all the possible courses of action, listened to my concerns and provided a recommendation on an approach for achieving a resolution. Deb and her firm made the legal process less confusing and clearly explained any risks that needed to be considered.
I highly recommend Deb and her firm!


She was great from start to finish. She listened to my wife and I. She let us know right away what we can do and expect to do for my case. I would recommend her for you needs in workplace law suits.



I did some research online and found Ms. Collins. Her firm answered and promptly communicated with me - got me scheduled for a consultation with Deb right away. My consultation with her was phenomenal. She was incredibly easy to talk to and thoroughly covered MY concerns and priorities. It was probably the smoothest consultation that I have ever had. Highly recommend Ms. Collins - the communication, scheduling, and service were second to none.


Deb is an amazing attorney! She helped me navigate the legal process, analyzed my situation, provided multiple courses of action to consider and advised me on the best possible approach. She regularly communicated status on my case and would provide me with honest assessments on next steps. She painted a clear picture on the possible outcomes as the case progressed, even when the potential outcomes were not all positive or what I would have wanted to hear. I highly recommend Deb and would engage her firm again!


Ms. Collins recently represented me in the area of employment discrimination. She was immediately able to understand the situation, empathize but more importantly explain where my rights lay - what incidents would matter in the court of law and which wouldn’t...Over three months, she fought with the business - which is a medium/large sized entity, their legal staff and negotiate a settlement...I highly recommend Ms. Collins as a level headed, knowledgeable and strategic lawyer that will fight for your rights - although I do not wish this situation on anyone!


This is a 5-Star operation! Deb Collins and her team were simply fantastic from the beginning on a very challenging situation. I could not have asked for a more supportive, knowledgeable, communicative, and trustworthy attorney who genuinely has your best interest at heart. I am so confident in her and her team that I recommend them to my family and friends. Thank you for your wisdom and I will be forever grateful that I met you and your team!


As being my first experience with a lawyer for a work related situation, I was blessed to have found Deborah Collins with Yeng Collins Law, PLLC. Ms. Collins was absolutely phenomenal to work with. She was a great “strategizer’ ... She listened and thoroughly understood all the details of my situation and the result, I could not be happier with. My family and I thank her for all that she did for us and she has a bright future ahead of her! 


Ms. Collins shows a rather rare ability to cut through the legalese while understanding and communicating the kinds of support a client needs. Still, what stands out is Ms. Collins’ steadfastly earnest approach to analyzing issues based on their merit and the available information and sharing those findings in a reasoned and generous fashion. For all of these reasons, I am certain that Ms. Collins will continue to be a powerful advocate for her clients and I can recommend her without reservation.


I am very happy I had Ms. Collins’ support through my case. She was extremely, helpful and dedicated through a difficult process. My numerous concerns and questions were promptly addressed. I am happy to recommend her and will use her again in the future.


I recently reached out to Yang Collins Law for employment legal advice. I worked with Deborah Yang Collins / Attorney at Law and was very impressed by the quick response after reading my documents, scheduling an appointment, and providing sound legal advise. Great group to work with that I highly recommend.


Deborah was fantastic. She was knowledgeable, personable and easy to talk to. She addressed all of my contract concerns and gave me valuable information for my future business endeavor! A+. I highly recommend her law practice!!


It was a pleasure working with Mrs. Collins and getting her professional legal guidance. She pre-read my employer's contract agreement prior to our meeting and was prepared and very knowledgeable about the employment law. Her analysis lead me on making the right decisions, in regards to my situation. I would definitely recommend her to anyone with employment related issues.


Deborah helped me review my employment contract to evaluate what restrictions I may be under for the future. She was fully prepared prior to our consultation and had already reviewed my contract, then went over it section-by-section and explained what my limitations would be and what outcomes I could expect. She was very friendly and professional and offered me great advice for my situation!


Attorney Collins is awesome! I've worked with her twice now for employment agreement questions and she is incredibly thorough. Most importantly, she responds quickly and gets you scheduled within days. When you're dealing with time-sensitive matters, this is invaluable. I plan to work with Attorney Collins consistently in the future and would highly recommend her services.


Deb Collins is a true pleasure to work with, is extremely knowledgeable, and I would highly recommend her firm to anyone with an employment law dispute. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be represented by Yeng Collins Law and will continue to recommend them to anyone looking.


Ms. Collins was a wonderful attorney to help me navigate end of employment issues as a physician. She was kind, patient, and helped me understand the 'legalese' to best protect myself and my family. Many thanks!


My case was extremely draining as I had been attempting to handle it on my own. Contacting this practice was the best thing I could have done. I highly recommend them. Melissa was smart, kind, professional, and very encouraging to me!


I can’t say enough good things about Deb Collins/Yeng Collins Law, PLLC. Previous reviews are accurate, Deb is a great attorney who works very hard on your behalf and is not afraid to take on big corporations. My only regret is not engaging Deb Collins’ services sooner!


Deb was extremely professional, honest, and straight forward. She gave us a thorough review of our documents and answered all of our questions. She's given us a pathway for other questions if they come up, which we greatly appreciate.


Deb Collins is a great attorney who never once disappointed me. She is thorough, expeditious, and more importantly, listened to my needs. As the title to this review implies, if you need an attorney to fight for your rights, etc., I highly recommend you call Deb Collins ASAP.


I had a recent consultation with Melissa Hamann and couldn't be more pleased with the service!


Deborah Collins is easy to talk to, she is a very good listener and very knowledgeable. We highly recommend her.


Excellent attorney - very thorough, and serves as your advocate. I would strongly recommend her!


My experience with the Deborah Collins founder of Yeng Collins Law was positive from the initial consultation. Mrs. Collins is a wonderful person, and an extremely knowledgeable attorney. She is professional, thorough, attentive, honest, and beyond helpful during difficult and challenging times. Mrs. Collins genuinely cares about her client's and their situations. As with me, she will be with you, your friends, and family every step of the way with compassion and insight...Mrs. Collins genuinely tries to work with clients as much as possible. With compassion and professionalism, her main objective is helping those in need. 


If you are looking for a lawyer who is competent, professional, and can actually help you with your issue, look no further. I can't say enough good things about Ms. Collins...After finding her and calling to set up a consultation, Ms. Collins herself responded to me promptly. She listened to my case and gave me insight into things I had not thought of before, and advice on what to do next. After following her advice, my work issue was resolved. I have since sought her help for other services, and each time her advice has, again, been invaluable and fantastic. She works around my busy schedule and is always very prompt... As a professional myself, I value professional behavior, competence, and aptitude, and Ms. Collins has all of the above. I could not ask for more in an attorney. 

K. M.

If you are looking for an employment lawyer, I strongly recommend Deborah Collins. Although English is not my first language, Ms. Collins took the time to hear my side patiently with compassion. She didn’t hesitate to research further when she learned our special situation, and she came back with multiple option with possible outcomes and explained us its impact. She listened and responded to every phone call and e-mail with care. She also informed us the progress timely. She also negotiated aggressively on my behalf. I am so fortunate to meet Ms. Collins, the lawyer who truly care with high quality.

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